The coordinator of Best Mark is Tanguy Wettengel (CV below). Tanguy writes part of the jobs ordered through this site.

Tanguy Wettengel

  • PhD Computational Linguistics (Limoges, France)
  • HDR (Higher Doctorate) in Language Sciences (Limoges, France)
  • Former Head of the Technical Writing Program at the University of Limoges
  • MA in Spanish and Spanish Literature
  • Consultant in Information Engineering

Teaching Record

Universities of Strasbourg, Reims, Limoges (France), Krems and Vienna (Austria), Mendoza (Argentina), ULBRA (Brasil), IU National University (Vietnam).

Research Record

  • Stanford University and Xerox Santa Monica : Machine-aided translation
  • University of Paris (Paris VII) : Computational linguistics (Eurotra Project)
  • University of Vienna : Terminology, Concept systems and Information modelling
  • University of Limoges – Department of Formal calculus : Navigation modelling
  • University of Limoges / CNRS : Task-oriented Information Modelling

Doctoral Dissertation Survey

  • Gervais Morin, La conception à partir de modèles en ingénierie documentaire. Reconstitution discursive d’environnements techniques. Model-driven design in document engineering. Discourse mediated reconstruction of technical environments.
  • Veronica Solimar Dos Santos, L’interprétation d’énoncés textuels lors de la résolution de problèmes réductibles à des fonctions mathématiques. Interpreting text in mathematical problem-solving.
  • Marialina Corrêa Sobrinho, Systèmes d’indexation fondés sur des ontologies. Ontology based indexing systems.

Published Papers

  • [1991] Évolution du traitement des règles syntaxiques (Syntax rule management). In Actes du colloque «Génie Linguistique 91″, Versailles.
  • [1993] Terminology in the technical writing process» in TKE ’93 Terminology and knowledge engineering, Köln.
  • [1997] & Van de Weyer, A. Terminology in Technical Writing. In Handbook of Terminology Management, Wright, S. E., Budin, G (eds.), John Benjamins,  Amsterdam.
  • [1999] & Saurat, S., Riberot, D. Functional cataloguing and classification of parts and products. In Technical Writing and Information Analysis, Fontanille  J., Wettengel, T. (eds.), coll. Tekhné, PULIM, Limoges.
  • [1999] & Morin, G. The ergonomics of specifications: an example of target analysis. In Technical Writing and Information Analysis, Fontanille J.,  Wettengel, T. (eds.), coll. Tekhné, PULIM, Limoges
  • [1999] & Leycure P, Samy, P. Tools for ergonomic interface design. In Technical Writing and Information Analysis, Fontanille J., Wettengel, T. (eds.),  coll. Tekhné, PULIM, Limoges.
  • [1999] Task-driven Information Modelling: Introducing TIM. In Technical Writing and Information Analysis, Fontanille J., Wettengel, T. (eds.), coll.  Tekhné, PULIM, Limoges.
  • [1999] et Reusch, K, Gamberini, L. Un outil pour structurer l’information à l’usage des architectes (A tool for the structuring of architectural specifications). In Actes du Colloque de Sémiotique 1997 , coll.  Tekhné, PULIM, Limoges.
  • [2004] Deriving Hierarchical Navigation Graphs from Frame-based Ontologies. Proceedings of Open Forum for eBuiseness and Metadata Technology Standardization. Xi’an, China.
  • [2009] Lightweight Task Modelling for System Design. In Current Trends in Information Technonology (CTIT). Dubai.
  • [2010] & Do, A.V., Dinh, Q.T. (2009). A Typology of Widgets for UI Design. In Babai, K.S. (editor). Proceedings of International Conference on Information Systems and Software Engineering. New Delhi. Excel India Publishers.
  • [2011] & Ha, M.L, Huynh, T.T. Empowering UML Applications with Task Models. In Proceedings of the International Conference on Information Technology and Multimedia. Kuala Lumpur.

Corporate Consulting

LEGRAND SA [functional classification of electric supplies], AIF [Frame based content analysis], KINGFISHER France [Process engineering, fire-safety documentation indexing system, computer-aided decision system], ALCATEL [task-based documentation design], LSV [Interface dialog design for cryptography software], Institut Français Paris [Ontology-based Quality Assessment Documentation System], Institut Français Indonesia [Automated Course Planning System].

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